This is what our hunters have to say about us...

It's common knowledge that Iowa is a 'Big Buck Hunter's' paradise.

HOWEVER, contrary to popular belief, there is NOT a 'big buck' behind every tree...you still have to be in the right place at the right time!

So as 'out of staters' that usually only have about 5 days to put a tag on a mature buck, we have to count on a good outfitter that has incredible hunting property and who knows where these mature bucks live on that property! That's why for the past 7 years, Inside Outdoors TV has hunted with Primetime Outfitters based in Albia, IA! Kirby Shultz knows 'big deer' and has a bunch of them!!

-Inside Outdoors TV

Can't say enough about Kirby and the operation he runs at Primetime Outfitters. I've never experienced any other outfitters in Iowa because I've never needed to. Bow hunted with him my first year and was successful and couldn't wait the 4 years to draw another bow tag so booked with him again and then again for the gun seasons the last 2 years. From accommodations, to the food to the good times with the many friends I've now made it keeps me coming back and am now booked again for 2016.

Expect to see plenty of deer barring the weather which no one has control over but even in bad weather you'll still see deer in the best spots that Kirby works year round to put you in.

Just some of the reasons there's no need to look into any other outfitters to hunt some of Iowa's biggest deer. You won't be disappointed.

I booked my first trip in 2014 hunting season. I did not know what to expect. But when my best friend and I arrived we were greeted by Tim from Primetime Outfitters with a smile. After 5 minutes with Tim (who by the way looks just like Dale Earnhardt, Sr.), I knew we were in good hands. After Tim got us all situated and into our rooms, Kirby came over and gave us all the rundown. I could tell Kirby was a professional the moment he explained to us what to expect. While I did not harvest the shooter buck I dreamed about that year, I ended up making some great new friends. Kirby created such a great atmosphere for us that we all became great friends and ended up booking all together the very next year. JUST US! Oh, and we all stay in touch throughout the year! That's what hunting and outdoorsmanship is all about.

Kirby, thank you for putting me in front of the biggest buck I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to you, I have a 180 INCH Iowa Monster heading for my office. I can't wait to get the final score. But it doesn't matter to me what it scores…because I've never seen a 12 point in person! EVER! WOW! What an experience I will never forget! Thanks again Primetime Outfitters.

See you next year….and the year after….and the year after….and the year after! Cause I am hooked!

George (Maryland)