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Weather Conditions
The weather in Southern Iowa during the deer hunting season is like most places, somewhat unpredictable. Depending on the date of your hunt, daytime temps can range from 20-70 degrees and nighttime temps can range from zero to 40 degrees. Snow is a definite possibility during our November, December and January hunts. Please plan your clothing accordingly.

Flights are scheduled daily into the airport in Des Moines, IA. Car rentals are available at the airport and preferred. Those of you who plan to arrive by air should plan on arriving the afternoon of the day before you scheduled hunt.

Hunter's Education Card
Every hunter born on or after Jan. 1, 1967, unless hunting on a Youth Deer & Turkey Hunting Permit, must have completed an approved hunter education program and display a hunter education certification card to buy any firearms hunting permit. A hunter education card need not be displayed if certification can be verified at the vendor's computer terminal.

Blaze Orange
With the exception of archery hunters, all hunters MUST wear hunter orange that is visible from all directions. A hat and vest are sufficient. Camo orange does not meet this requirement.

Deer Hunting in Iowa
Deer hunting in Iowa can be challenging and exciting. But there are times when things just don't go as planned. Weather conditions can change flight days and times, force last minute changes in hunt locations, and hunting schedules can change rapidly. These things have and will continue to happen from time to time. Outfitters and guides have learned to accept them and we would like to think that our hunters will too! We are all well aware of the challenges encountered during hunting. No matter what the outcome, you are sure to have many lasting memories to look back upon.

Hunt Cost Explanation
Clients sometimes ask why outfitted hunts cost so much money. One answer might be that you get the service you pay for. A more detailed explanation encompasses a whole list of "behind the scene" moneys that an outfitter must pay. Most outfitters own or lease their own exclusive hunting grounds. These areas can cost up to several thousand dollars. A top notch guide can cost upwards of $100 dollars per day. Fine food and good cooks are also expensive. When you factor in insurance (worker's comp and liability), permits, taxes, equipment replacement and repairs, trucks and insurance, etc., one can clearly understand the outfitter's profit is not what you might presume. Basically, big game hunting is not cheap but we try to keep it as affordable as possible. With this in mind, when shopping around for big game hunts, beware of the price that sounds too good to be true; it probably is.

Hunts can be physically challenging. This may include moderate walking on other than level ground. Please let us know of any health or physical conditions that you might have. Accommodations can be made. Special Dietary Requirement: For those hunters who have special requirements for their diet, we are more than happy to accommodate you with advance notice of your specific needs.

Animal Identification & Wounding Policy
Please be sure what you are shooting at. We have a 140" minimum on all our properties in Iowa. Primetime Outfitters puts a lot of time and effort into managing our properties. Therefore we do have a Habitat Fee of $1000 for any buck shot under the minimum in Iowa. Target identification is of utmost importance. If you wound an animal because of a shot that should have not been taken (like a shot at their rump going through the woods), we do not consider this sportsmanlike. There will be no exceptions. We expect all hunters to be sportsmen and have the utmost respect for the animals for which you are hunting. Keeping this in mind, only a high quality shot is to be made on the animal.